The Ultimate Medicine Man (and Theory of Everything)

As Intermicronational World (IW) readers already know, as the result of a long period of sowing, the book, Cesidian Political Science: The Rise of Polities, and the (Un)planned Fall of Empires, will be published in a few months.

I have discovered too many things in roughly the past six years, especially concerning true societies and true polities, and what I have discovered is rigourous, and can no longer be conveniently ignored by scholars, policy makers, and analysts working in different social sciences.

It should thus come as no surprise to our typical readers that now, in my free time, I am updating chapters I have written in the past, materials which will probably be used in the near future, and in general I am also organising and doing research for the book I plan to publish.

When you start writing and doing research for a book, however, it is one thing to write and do research about the things you have discovered in the past six years. It is quite another that when writing and researching for a new book, you discover something completely new.

I already knew that I was going to write a book destined to become part of some list of the most influential books, or of books that changed the world. However, I never quite planned for what actually happened on 19 April 2015.

I would have never expected to actually bring together, in one single sweep, ideas from a book about religion [1], and ideas from a book about science [2]. These are things that never actually happened in the history of man, as far as I know.

What happened was that I actually brought together the basic idea behind analytic theology, what was called the "four seasons" in a previous book I have written, and which I sometimes call the "Theory of Everything" graph, with the foundational idea behind Cesidian political science, or the "Tallini World Formula". I am now convinced that the "four seasons" is indeed a "Theory of Everything" graph!

I guess the last time something this unlikely has happened, was when René Descartes managed to make a bridge between algebra and geometry, and this bridge was ultimately crucial to the discovery of infinitesimal calculus and analysis. However, not even the brilliant Descartes would have ever imagined actually bringing science and religion together.

That would have been enough for a day, for any day in any person's life, and yet this also allowed me to further refine Cesidian political science, so much so that I had to amend several tables that I had designed over time, with the experimental results generated by the fantastic experiment called the United Micronations Multi-Oceanic Archipelago (UMMOA®).

Well, after the amendments, I have discovered that the (territorial) UMMOA is well on its way to becoming a de jure State, and may become a state with limited recognition as early as the end of June 2015!

I know my Native American father, the one who adopted me, will probably become very proud of me in time. You see, the "four seasons" is also the same idea behind the Ryamecah medicine wheel, something mentioned in yet another small but more recent book of mine [3], also available to readers in China [4], and so my medicine wheel actually is the basis for a new kind of medicine, and I am becoming a new kind of Medicine Man, the kind who heals societies and polities, not just individuals, families, and communities!

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